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When I arrived home today I found a message on my answering machine saying, "We regret to inform you but your mother has passed away, the funeral is planned for tomorrow". Since I wasn't at home yesterday I can't be sure when the mesage arrived so I can't be sure when the funeral is. Nevermind it is not like I can attend anyway because if the mesage was indeed made yesterday then I have most likley missed the funeral anyway or it has already begun and I really don't wanted to walk in half way through and have all those people judging me. The message could have been made today, in which case I can't attend anyway because quite frankly I have better things to do then go to mother's funeral.

Anyway it is not like it matters if I go or not. After five years of visting her on her death bed I feel like I have been to her funeral more times than I can count. Well anyway who will notice if I attend or not, not the hospice nurse or mother's lawyer. Both are likley to be in attendence. Well I know it may sound like I don't care but there is a good reason for that, I don't.

Story by:

Jessie Leigh

submitted at 6:03am

24 February 2009