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Lunacy Keen

Adhering to the bond of wolf and man, full bloated suns at night and the wild lunatic in his heart, he governed the new fangled device with a folklore howl and a dribble of spit. The rippling resolve of the beast wore its elegance in a mad cloak of half-light existence. He thumbed the electronic note pad and read by bright stop's and go's. The tiny light in the forest was a beacon for the others. They would come from far and even farther to see his treasure.

The wolf read and soon the thrush sang in rhythm to his excited lunacy. By silver and happenstance the other wolves, none just wolf all men and women changed by the curse, gathered to read the chronicle, the legend bought by the survivors of the curse.

Soon they understood and in union they left the presence of the lunatic wolf, the holder of the electronic book. The passage had read, "By moon glow gods till the sun sets nothing deters the creed and the wont of starved spirits in moonlight!" It was signed,

The Immigrant Wolf.

He sighed and howled in glee, for he enjoyed his freedom and now knew it would be eternal.

By advances and steps their creed would find blessings again, for theirs was the wolf.

Story by:

Ron Koppelberger

submitted at 6:41am

8 May 2011