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Justice At Last!

They had been at school together, best friends, but Mary Brent had become a single mum at the age of 19, while Susan had gone on to marry well, Brian forbes, a successful solicitor in their small town. Mary sighed trying to decide what to wear to create a good impression, she didnt want to show herself, or her son up. It was going to be one of the most important days of her life.

She was remembering as she dressed, the way Susan had looked down her nose at her, not once, but several times over the years, had thought she was better, in her expensive clothes, her son Nigel going to a private school that must have cost the earth, while Mary had to work all the hours god sends just to feed herself and Michael.

Later in court she was hearing the judge calling the man "a despicable human being, preying on the young and innocent" just before he sentenced him to 9 years in prison.

Nigel Forbes was led away to start his sentence. Everyone else was told to stand up while Judge Michael Brent left the court. Mary glanced across at Susan, she didnt look so high and mighty now. Mary almost felt sorry for her. Almost but not quite!

Story by:

Tricia Gerard

submitted at 11:09am

8 May 2011