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Lawn Mower

It happened between being in school and not

Between sunrise and sunset

Between Baton Rouge and the snowball stand on the corner

A little girl with a little plastic lawn mower

She would run around the yard that separated one trailer from the next

She would watch the little green plastic tubes swirl in behind their plastic shield; Those dogmatic green blades were under her command

They were her captives, those weeds

They were going to suffer because no one, I mean no one, messed with my swing set

That's right, that girl with the lawn mower was me

Those weeds grew so high that they brushed my legs as I swung back and forth

Giving me a rash that would itch for days

I was frenetic as I chopped them down a size

Those insipid weeds had it coming; they had met their maker

As far as I knew, my law mower ate them up like magic

I continued with my chastisement of these vicious creatures absorbing them through the plastic covered hole right below my purple Barbie stickers

They really did make all the difference in the word to the mowers design

This was my territory, my domain, and those weeds had tried to infiltrate it

Like an amazon, a warrior princess of sorts, I yelled for those weeds to be gone

And it was war

Story by:

Ashton Williams

submitted at 2:55pm

10 May 2011