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The Old Methods

"This is why I hate taking a break. When I get back, there are always problems. Our business is a mess. Look at the figures. Takings are down. Volume is down. Turnover is down. What the hell have you three been doing while I was away?"

He addressed each of his brothers in turn.

"You were the first of us to go global, but your sector of the firm has almost disappeared. Viral marketing? What does that contribute to our bottom line?"

" ...and what about you? Still spending all your time messing about in the Middle East. You should know that it doesn't generate the amount of business that it used to."

"...and finally you. OK, Africa has been steady, but no results anywhere else, just projections for India, Bangladesh and the rest of South East Asia; and what are you doing to exploit the potential of China?"

His angry gaze swept the room.

"Enough! We're going back to the methods that made this partnership feared throughout the world. We're going to get back out into the field and raise our numbers. It starts now. Come on, let's go!"

He swept out, the three of them hurrying in his wake.

"This business is going to hell, and if it's the last thing I do, I'm going to make sure it gets there," he said, mounting his Pale Horse.

Story by:

Nick Johns

submitted at 4:18pm

12 May 2011