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Schoolyard Fight

He walked up at recess. No teachers around. Slugged me in the jaw. Nothing personal. Slugged me again. A crowd gathered, watched. Another punch. Cheers. He must have thought I wouldn't hit back. Maybe even run away. Me. Who never fought. Who never even talked in class. But, I punched him. In the stomach. Hard. With a fist that seemed like someone else's. Silence. I punched again. New cheers. I kept punching. Louder cheers. From the ones all around us. The ones who fought the most. The ones who once smeared Twinkies on my face. The ones he ached to please. Then, he fell to the ground. Eyes dazed. Tears sprouting. Applause. Back in class, the news spread. Girls looked at me. Their eyes surprised, wide, glittering. As they'd never looked at me before. I hated myself for feeling so good.

Story by:

David Meuel

submitted at 12:34am

19 May 2011