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Taking Sides

My money was on the monstrous spider, but I rooted for the small onyx wasp. Sweat dripped from my brow onto the dirt alongside the wrestling creatures.

"Loose him from your clutches!" I yelled at the spider as he wielded his eight legs masterfully to pin the tiny wasp.

Just as I spoke the words, the wasp broke free and turned on his opponent. Stinging. Paralyzing. It hovered a moment over the spider's lifeless body before flying under the umbrella of trees.

At this, you must think I beat the drum in rejoicing, but I did not and could not. My pity fell to the misfortunate silk spinner, who was probably pregnant. The antagonizing wasp initiated the tragic battle, most likely. What a vile creature!

Story by:

K. Bond

submitted at 8:46pm

26 May 2011

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