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Boy Toy

Sometimes you can't sleep. You get up and read the news:

World's Largest Internet Pedophile Ring Busted -

240 children rescued, 184 arrested, including teachers, police officers and scout leaders, over 70,000 website members - all will be questioned.

You should be glad they're shut down, but you're hung up on a quote about a man turned on by boys wearing diapers.

The next day, at the local burger joint, you see a man eating ice cream. He pulls his spoon out of his mouth. Curls his head into his shoulders. The smooth, green mound of Mint Oreo ice cream glistens as he waves to your three year old son, seated on your lap.

You return the man's stare, wondering -

Is he one of them?

Story by:

Emily Bertholf

submitted at 8:14pm

31 May 2011