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Monkey Zoo

Once upon a time, there was a zoo. In this zoo, there was a monkey. This monkey had a terrible habit of trying to hug people through the bars of his cage. The abrasive little monkey proved to be a growing problem. So the first step was to put up sign that said "Step away, this monkey loves to give hugs." Everybody thought it was a joke, so they would go up to the bars and say," Aww... cute little monkey," then the monkey would hug them and they would scream, "AHH!!!! Get it off me!" So eventually, the monkey was shipped away to a monkey themed amusement park, where he was the star of all the shows. The zoo soon realized their loss and decided to buy a new monkey. They hoped that this monkey would give out hugs. Unfortunately, this monkey only gave kisses, big, wet, slobbery, monkey-lipped kiss. This time, the zoo didn't even bother to put up signs. They dressed him up with a dress and lipstick and let him run around giving everyone kisses. Nobody ever went to that zoo again.

Story by:

Pennan Payper

submitted at 11:37pm

4 June 2011