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Lady in white: Part II


I felt her presence long before I laid eyes on her. The shivers which had violently racked my body moments before had ceased. I felt a hand stroking my hair and looked up to see the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes upon. She was clothed in all white and glowed in every sense of the word. She mopped the sweat from my brow and with each little touch I could feel the sickness leaving my body. I asked her if she had come to take me away, for you see I was certain she was an angel. Now before I tell you her answer I want to impress upon you the pure beauty of her voice. Her voice was goodness in it's most pure form. Picture the sweetest music mixed with the rustling of grass on a calm summer's eve and it would pale in comparison to her voice. She told me she had not come for me this day, but that we would meet again. I awoke the next day feeling refreshed and very much myself, and even though some would chalk up my experience to an hallucination due to my high fever, I still believe I can see her when times get tough and so ends my tale of the lady in white".

His story affected me like none of the others had. It frightened me and made me think over what I believed to exist and what I didn't. It frightened me because I believe deep down everyone fears passing on from this life. I stood, along with everyone else, and congratulated him on a story well told. I will never forget what I saw as I was leaving that night. As I stood outside waiting for a cab. I saw O'Rylee come out of the door of the "gentlemen's club" and saw a flicker of something white, much like the hem of a dress, flicker quickly behind him. He waved to me, as he got behind the wheel of his car and left, but before he pulled away, I believe for a split second I saw the silhouette of a woman dressed in all white in the passengers seat. He died later that night on his ride home. I believe he became reacquainted with his lady in white.

Story by:

Austin Miller

submitted at 9:27pm

1 March 2009