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The Loss Of A Legend

There are a lot of things that stand out in my mind: The Grand Canyon The Rock of Gibraltar Stonehenge and then of course there's Terry's ass the most perfect ass that I have ever seen perhaps the most perfect ass the world has ever seen we used to work at the same place every morning while everyone stood around the coffee machine they would whisper, "Have you seen Terry's ass today? It's unbelievable!" They would talk about what Terry was wearing how Terry's ass looked so round and hard "It looks like a Terry's Orange I'd love to break it apart and eat it" they'd say laughing like hyenas everyone liked being around Terry preferably from behind when Terry walked into the coffee room there was never a problem with Terry getting a seat everyone would pull out a chair hoping that Terry would sit beside them getting a close-up of that stellar ass the ass that exuded greatness a legendary ass.

Every once in a while someone would get up the nerve to pinch Terry's ass Terry was very good about the whole thing and would just blush and laugh it off Terry really knew how to carry that ass but then one day Terry fell on the ice outside and broke a leg it was a bad break and Terry had to wear a cast from the ankle all the way up to that killer ass Terry took leave from the office and when Terry came back Terry had a fat ass an ass that jiggled with every stride an ass that looked like a sac of five cats fighting to escape now Terry lashed out all the time morale at the office was at an all-time low Terry was a completely different person with the new ass I felt sorry for Terry after the fall from greatness it was as if Terry lost the desire to live and in a way so did we all.

Story by:

Cameron Tully

submitted at 7:51am

12 June 2011

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