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I Like The Nightlife

We went to see the film, just to have something to do. Remote place like this, people jump at the chance of seeing some action - any at all, really. Of course, the cinema was packed: nothing else to do here on a Friday night. One of those "must see" movies that folk on the mainland had been raving about.

The lights went down. The sweet aroma of cinema treats canopied over the eager viewers. Popcorn was crunched, sweet wrappers rustled. The credits rolled and the audience whispered noisily, daring the ushers to hush them. Half way through, the film finally got interesting: girl on girl sex scene. What can I say? I was transfixed, didn't realise the emergency until someone clambered over me roughly.

A woman had fainted and spewed. The smell hit me before the lights went up and we were all asked to leave. People talked in hushed voices, peered over the heads in front of them, voyeuristic and desperate for titbits to relay to other folk later on. The spread of rumours round the village was rapid; by Saturday morning folk from all over the island knew about the woman who'd had an epileptic "episode". It was always said with a nudge and a wink, who'd have known that female nudity and fondling could have provoked such a fit? Never did find out what happened in the film. I suppose I'll have to wait for the DVD to be released.

Story by:

Kate Alexander-Kirk

submitted at 11:10pm

14 June 2011