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Another Moment with Bettie and Paige

Bettie stared at the revolver thrust towards her chest by her twin sister, Paige. Paige whom she hadn't seen for years and appeared now, the most unfortunate moment possible. Any time, Colonel Luddite was to come to Bettie's poor writer's garrot and pick up the Wrapped Package.

Paige looked just like her. They had the same strong muscled features, the raven hair brushing the shoulders, the severe bangs, but Paige was angrier and while Bettie's hands were free of weapons, Paige not only had the gun, but a tight coil of rope.

Paige, the evil twin, said, "I'll make a deal with you sister. I find out in detail how an old maid reacts to this rope. And you can use my research in your next book."

Bettie's eyes widened. Paige believed the cover they gave Bettie that she was nothing but a sad woman writing books for other sad women. The Wrapped Package sat on the divan next to her and her sister believed she was a simple writer. She put up her hands, "Please, put that gun away and we'll talk some more." Perhaps she could stall enough for Colonel Luddite to burst through the door and rescue her.

Paige laughed. "No. No more conversations" Paige approached her sister, uncoiling the rope. Bettie heard no door being opened, no feet rushing towards, no rescue to be sounded. She only saw the rope and the gun, even the sight of her sister, her very own image, faded from focus.

Story by:

David Macpherson

submitted at 2:03pm

22 June 2011