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Christoph McElbow; Where's my Teddy?

Chris was lost without his teddy. When he did not have his teddy clasped tightly in his arms, he felt a deep longing for attention and company. Not even his own mother was a supplement for his teddy.

Now he was 16 and his teddy was hidden in an old torn box at the back of his cupboard. He had long forgoten his teddy by now. But the longing remained. Without knowing what it was he longed for, he sought to fill the hole in his life by attending parties where he would drink until he was drunk, and had an excuse for hooking up with Lisa.

Chris thought he loved Lisa, but in truth he just liked having a place to leave his seed. For him, although he would tell himself otherwise, the relationship was one of a purely physical nature.

Years later, on the night of his 25th birthday, Chris slung a noose around his shed rafters, stepped up onto a chair and tried to hang himself.

After months of councilling they found what tipped Chris over the edge. Pure and simple; Chris missed his teddy.

Story by:

Jack Black

submitted at 10:52pm

9 March 2009