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Power Through Platforms

These boots are made for walking. And sitting.. and standing.. and corporate cubicle dwelling.

Glorious knee high numbers, all black and shiny with three inch platform heels. The way you hug my calves, cradle my feet and defy the need for stockings is exquisite and slightly subversive.

I am infused with power each time I slip you on. This is not fashion, this is fearlessness. You are a weapon against conformity.

When I wear you I am an urban goddess, not unlike Aphrodite or Diana. Dangerous, sexy and rebellious to the corporate environment in which I work.

Don't mess with me you say, I don't have time for your reports, conference calls and webinars.

Is it because it took me so long to find you that I wear you so frequently? Or is it my desire to stand out from my khaki counterparts?

Freedom can come from surprising places.

Story by:

Sharon Wilks

submitted at 10:44pm

8 July 2011