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Christmas Shopping

I took my place in line at World Market while my husband went to the other line. The woman standing before me turned to glance when she heard me tell him, "This way whichever line is faster, we are in it." Her look was amused, quizzical. I explained, and she turned a hopeful look on me. "But I have no one to do that with!"

I grinned and replied, touching her sleeve, "You can be mine."

Her eyes widened and she asked, "Really?"

In that moment I think I fell a little in love with her. That pleasant hopeful question came from a woman in middle age, with long waving hair frosted with the white of time. No makeup, practical clothes, and a sweetness that grabbed a long unexercised part of me.

I wanted to look into those mascara-less eyes with my own and say, "Oh, yes. Really."

Story by:

Nan Hawthorne

submitted at 3:17am

13 July 2011

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