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The Portal

The sunshine sowed moted rays of warmth into his bones. The portal was open and welcoming him to explore his unbidden resolve. From heaven or from hell he thought as he propelled one of the colored marbles through the entrance. The azure colored Perry rolled from the apartment floor to the thick mossy carpet on the opposite side of the portal.

He recoiled as a melon shaped mound with dozens of legs split in half and swallowed up the marble. Staggering back a few feet, he grabbed the dissertation, his thesis statement on multidimensional travel. Shaking he read the ancient parable he had garnered from the ancient texts he had cleverly taken from the archives of ethereal education. Shaking he read the ancient parable, loud and sure, true as best he could. The portal wavered for a moment as if hesitating between this world and the next, finally it closed with a brief sharp squelching creak . Falling to the floor, his thesis in hand, he breathed in the residue of dank discovery left behind by the portal, owing god his salvation, his certain survival.

Concluding his thesis statement he wrote,

"The gateway represents either

Heaven or hell; I'm concluding that

Nothing's cut and dried."

Story by:

Ron Koppelberger

submitted at 8:37am

13 July 2011