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The Shoe Shine Man

Ted was usually seen sitting astride a stool, head bent, buffering away at shoes. He had been cleaning shoes in one of the alleyways off Regent Street, for as long as he could remember. So far heíd been lucky but there was always the possibility that the Fuzz would move him on.

Heíd met all sorts: Bouncers, Chauffeurs. Cabin crew - and a slightly prim and trim nanny, called Elsie. One Monday morning, at 8.45am - her usual time - Elsie hadnít arrived. He didnít give it much thought but when, as he reflected, he hadnít seen her for about four weeks, he became worried. He felt surprised that he was worried.

The following four weeks he went about his business in the usual way and each Monday at 8.45am, he looked out for a pair of tan, brogue shoes. He didnít need to look any higher than ground level for, as you can imagine, he knew those shoes well. Very well!

One Monday morning, about six weeks since he had last seen Elsie, his eyes settled on a pair of cherry red high heels. He didnít recognise them amongst his usual Clientele, so he looked up. Staring back at him was Elsie.

"Iíve missed you", Ted dared to admit. "Have you been away?"

"Yes. I don't need such shiny shoes now that I am no longer a nanny but I wanted to see you!"

Thatís all Ted wanted to hear and set about buffing her shoes in the usual way!

Story by:

Lynn Craig

submitted at 7:17pm

10 March 2009