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Violet and I had our own language. She was the belle of the entire school and I was the overly emaciated girl everyone loved to mock. I was very bony and tall and the boys at school kept telling me I'd make a great pretzel stick. I didn't like to eat - food made me nauseous - so I had to drink vegetable mixes and protein shakes to help fatten myself up. It didn't work, though. The nurse at school said I should stop by the clinic during recess so she could pump a few drops of saline water and sugar concentrates into me. My mother had taken me to more doctors than I cared to remember. My father was never home and when he did come home he'd take a good look at me and tell me how beautiful I was. My grandmother said I was possessed by evil spirits and convinced my mother to take me to church and have the priests perform an exorcism on me.

Where we came from everyone believed illnesses and misfortunes had been borne by evil spirits.

Thirteen years ago, Violet sat next to me and offered me a piece of her Kit Kat. It was sweet and crispy and I did what I could to stop myself from vomitting. Violet said, "It will go away, it will go away eventually" and I wanted to believe her.

But nothing changed and everything stayed the same; except for Violet. She went away, far far away.

Story by:

Maggie Tiojakin

submitted at 6:20pm

25 July 2011

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