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Food Fights

"Last week you promised I'd have more friends when we moved here," Jimmy said, navigating his motorboat-spoon through the bowl of soup. "It's not fair."

"Stop playing with your food, dear. It's not proper," his mother said.

Jimmy chucked his spoon onto the table. "But I want to play with Tom."

"You know Tom's gone. Why not go downstairs and play with Samantha?"

Jimmy folded his arms and frowned. "She cries too easy."

"Then Daddy will bring you a new friend this weekend. And I promise we'll keep him chained up for as long as possible. Now eat your kidney soup."

Story by:

Joe Mynhardt

submitted at 4:30pm

4 August 2011

Joe Mynhardt's web:!/pages/Joe-Mynhardts-short-stories/181309015260061