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No-one Came Here For A Lecture On Communism

By day, he was the peoples' champion, crusading against corporate injustice and greed, standing up for the little guy. In his meteoric career, he saved consumers billions of dollars; was solely responsible for successfully litigating against executives who were more than ready for their underpaid underlings to carry the can for their crimes. DA Browning pursued the men at the top and held them to account. "Sir, according to your company's Annual Report, you draw down a salary in excess of $1 million dollars and you sold over $3 million worth of options last year, just two weeks before my investigators indicted you. Are you really telling me that you were not paid money to take responsibility?"

DA Browning cleaned up this stinking City. He cleaned up the Stock Exchange. He was about to clean up the investment banks.

By day, he was the peoples' champion, a crusader for truth, justice and an American ideal people had long stopped believing in. DA Browning was on the fast track to becoming Senator and why the hell not, President. Even his character flaws were virtues: obsessive, dogged, hard-nosed, ruthless even - but only against those who were dragging the country down.

But jailing influential, wealthy people makes you wealthy, influential enemies. By day, he was a hero. By night, he liked to lick whores' anuses. That did for DA Browning's career. "Just six more months and I could have averted the banking collapse," he would say. And the corrupt and greedy laughed.

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submitted at 4:30pm

4 August 2011

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