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The Toy Soldier

Sammy the Sentinel was eight inches high and made of shiny coloured wood. His boots and trousers were black and his heavy red jacket, had four large brass buttons down the middle. There were many toys in the shop but Olly the ostrich was his girl friend!

"Er hum!" Mildred mouse squeaked one day. It was her duty to alert Sammy when they had a customer. The warning tap of Sammyís boot, brought in a flustered Mr. Biginthetummy. In front of him stood a very large soldier wearing, black boots and trousers, and a red jacket with four large brass buttons down the middle.

"I have come in search of a toy soldier for Tom my Grandson."

Sammy, although happy, felt sick at the thought of leaving Olly!

"Look what I have bought", said the soldier to Tom. Tom was thrilled but looked sad.

"Whatís the matter?"

"He might be lonely on his own", said Tom tearfully.

The next day the big soldier went back to the shop.

"Iím looking for another toy as my Grandson thinks that the soldier might be lonely.

Mr. Biginthetummy reached for Conrad the cuckoo clock but as he did so, it fell to the ground.

"Oh Iím so sorry. How about this Ostrich?

When the big soldier got home, he showed Tom what he had bought. Tom didnít care if soldiers were supposed to be brave and a tiny little tear escaped from his eye and ran down his wooden face!

Story by:

Lynn Craig

submitted at 6:34pm

12 March 2009