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Loose Words

David sent the contract by email to the publisher. It was exciting to get his first story published. "Ping." His laptop replied with a new message:

'Sorry David. The attachment came back blank. Please fax to (555) 510-4567.'

David loaded the contract into his fax machine, dialed the number and pressed start. The grey, old tech machine spit out a few stutter sounds, whirred the pages through, beeped and spit out a confirmation page.

'David. The fax came through but it was also blank. Please call (555) 510-4000.'

David had a puzzled look as he checked the completed contract on paper and on his computer. He walked over to inspect the fax machine. Words were scattered in a pile. "I guess some stories should never be published" and he returned to his computer to start over.

Story by:

Jerry Guarino

submitted at 4:27pm

22 August 2011

Jerry Guarino's web: