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A Bad Case of Demons

Ruth's eyes widened; the stricken look of a deer in headlights with nowhere left to run.

"No," she screamed as if that could save her. Perhaps if she asked him nicely, the homicidal maniac would go away and bother someone else.

"Hi there, sweet pea," the blood spattered nightmare flashed one remaining tooth and wiped a knife on the curtains. "This is nothing personal; just a bad case of demon infestation."

"What are you talking about?" She screamed again, backed against a wall and all out of options.

"Demons, girl, with possession - the first thing to go are your ears. Your friend never heard me come behind to free her soul. I saved her. Let me save you."

"I'd rather you didn't." Ruth smashed a vase over the nut-job's head and followed through with a heavy wooden duck. She hit him again to make sure and then ran into the street. Nobody came to help, however much she screamed. She hammered on a door again, but too many late night parties had made her unpopular with the neighbors.

She turned and saw she was no longer alone. Her door stood open, the uninvited guest leant on the front gate and watched her try to run. Moonlight silvered the blade.

"You're late," the killer said as a figure detached from shadow to thwart Ruth's last chance of escape.

"The traffic was murder," it drew a knife and did not appreciate the irony.

Story by:

R. S. Pyne

submitted at 11:35am

1 September 2011