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The Best Friend

"It's all so black and white to you."

My soon to be ex-lover is sulking.

"If you say so," I reply ignoring the hurt etched in his face.

"But why? Why?" I flinch at his the child-like whine. "I thought we had something...I thought -"

"Shhh," I say putting my finger to his lips. He scowls, annoyed.

"I don't care who hears us!"

"My darling, please," I am eager to placate him, eager to move on and away from the spectacle we are creating in the café I will never return to again. "We had an agreement, remember? No strings and no commitments and one of us may choose to end this. I choose to end this now."

"Why now? Why?" I touch his cheek - oh so smooth! - and wonder if he feels how cold my hand is.

"I'll die without you, I'll kill myself, I will!" he splutters.

"No my darling you won't."

"I'll blab! I'll tell everyone!"

I smile at his childish bravado. "Please don't waste your life on me."

"I love you."

"I have to go."

"Please stay."

"I can't. I'm sorry. Goodbye." I leave without a backwards glance.

I think of how my son, after a suitable grieving period and whenever the next perky girl comes along, bounces back every time his heart is broken - and my Stevie, at 15, is a full year younger.

I am confident his best friend will be just fine.

Story by:

Jennifer Domingo

submitted at 2:29pm

1 September 2011

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