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One Passionate Moment

{Fast Forward}

On a table, the great ephemeral skin lies splayed out. Black on the outside and likewise, and not red or white, on the inside... is it burning degree six? I consider the minutes before burning degree zero: supple skin pressed against supple skin, warmth given and taken, adrenaline rushing, the moments of caressing, kissing, suckling of pores, and the kindling of passion, rising and rising upward, the triggering of that unheard of sparkle... from the base of spine?

{Fast Forward}

Blood report reads positive alcohol in the system of the male victim. GI report confirms overly gaseous intestine.

{Fast Forward}

Aided by ethyl alcohol and gasses of the male, passion lit up... kundalini? Female victim, sustained burns degree four, from her lover's embrace could've escaped but for male's upper limb burn contractures. A singular twin case of spontaneous human combustion - male source of flame himself, female source of flame male - here resolved. Case closed ...?


Ephemeral skin lies...

{Long Rewind}

William Zahida. Paranormal Sleuthing. Case one. Opening!

No olfactory trace of fuels of any kind... I smell burnt human fat. No visual trace of cigarette...or electric dildo... I see lovers smoked up... charred and embraced.


Story by:

Ahimaaz Rajesh

submitted at 7:15pm

1 September 2011

Ahimaaz Rajesh's web: