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Endless Love

Darling Bertha,

When your tooth glints in the sunlight and your hairy feet tickle my ankles, my heart skips a beat. Do you recall our early days, when I'd rest my head on your biceps and knock myself out? Then you'd nibble my ear - that sharp twinge always brought me round - and while I staunched the blood we'd snuggle up close; what romantic times!

My love, I'm in awe of your kindness; when we found that little nest in your beard, you nurtured the chicks beautifully - until you slept on your stomach that fateful night, but that was hardly your fault, was it, Dearest? Having liposuction on your buttocks is no laughing matter, and that ruddy cowboy of a surgeon had no right to use that industrial hoover.

A hug from you takes my breath away, Sweetness, and even my ribs crackle in applause. I'll never be able to stop loving you, so I remain,

Your little Cecil.

Story by:

Bec Zugor

submitted at 11:23m

7 September 2011

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