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Offensive Reading

The final straw came unsurprisingly, after she opened her, end-of-first-quarter-just-before-the winter-break, evaluation. She had had been warned and there it was a single line in the center of the page, bolded and underlined.

"Once again, Ms. K... was observed permitting the students to read from individual paperback books which apparently she had supplied, against the stated school curriculum for ninth grade Reading Classes, and in flagrant disregard of the approved phonic workbooks that were to be used exclusively."

A letter was to be placed in her permanent file documenting this second "offense". It was a payday Friday, she walked to the front of the line of teachers chatting, chewing on snacks, waiting docilely for their checks in front of the principal's half opened door. A happy mindless group with the nervous herd scent of milling sheep hovering about them. She tossed her keys and the evaluation onto the principal's desk.

"I'm done," said she. She excused herself back through the line of teachers and waved goodbye to Nora, the school secretary. She forced herself not to run, not to fling open the front doors at the end of the long hallway and gulp in huge breaths of free air. Instead, she walked, head clear and high, eyes straight ahead, thighs tingling with this last effort of restraint... as she heard Nora's high sweet bewildered voice call after her.

"Are you allowed to do that?"

Story by:

Pearl Ketover Prilik

submitted at 7:55am

23 September 2011

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