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My babysitter played me a record that sounded like a slaughter house. It was just the two of us sitting in the living room. She plugged a pair of headphones into the turn table and had me listen. I was told that the song offered something that teachers didn't teach us in elementary school and would inspire me to become a vegetarian.

I will say, I didn't exactly want to eat when I heard the recording. I had already had plenty of baked beans and two hotdogs for dinner. The singer certainly sounded distraught in the song and he didn't want to eat either. The record was called Meat is Murder and was recorded by The Smiths.

My babysitter really loved The Smiths and was proud to be a vegetarian. She was this skinny, curly haired girl from down the street named Donna who always brought over great recordings that she felt would have an impact on me.

With this song, the message was clear but I couldn't imagine that I'd take the message to heart and stop eating meat. Still, there was something about the melody that haunted me and still effects me to this day.

It took me quite a bit of time to do it, but one day, I figured the song out on my guitar. As soon as I played the guitar riffs, I realized that Donna had turned me on to something good and I truly had truly been inspired by The Smiths.

Story by:

John Kujawski

submitted at 4:22am

13 October 2011