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The Sleeper

She knelt down to pick up the envelope which had just dropped on to the doormat and, with trembling hands, ripped it open and unfolded the sheet of paper. The words she had been waiting for stared back at her in clear bold type. "Sweet Dreams". The airline ticket she placed in her handbag. The key she stashed in her pocket.

She knew exactley what she had to do. Her ordinary life was over. She reported in sick to work. She packed her bags. She left no trace. She took the bus to the station and blended in freely with the crowd. She found the package in the locker just as rehearsed. It was smaller and lighter than she had expected but no less deadly for it. She left it discreetly at the chosen Harley Street reception desk.

The flight to her destination was long and tiring but the sight of the beach and the gently swaying palms soothed her. In a gutter at the airport, she discreetly discarded the incriminating key. She had no regrets when she saw the morning papers. The enemy was eliminated. Without his luminous mind the deadly research had been put back generations. The State had well rewarded her. She took another sip from her vodka martini, removed her sun glasses, lay back and drifted gently to sleep in the afternoon shade.

Story by:

Laura Notley

submitted at 7:03pm

14 March 2009