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My friend Harue wants to be a doctor. Well, not really. He says he is going to be a doctor because everyone else in his family is a doctor, so he says, "why should I be any different?" His father is a foot doctor and his mom is a dermatologist, and his two sisters are studying premed in college. The problem is that Harue really wants to be a musician. When we used to goof around in the band room at school, he would pick up any instrument and play it like he owned it, which was really funny since he didn't own any instruments because his mom and dad wouldn't buy him one. "I just don't understand it," Harue would say, "why my parents think acne and toenail fungus is so fascinating is beyond me."

So, Harue hides from his parents the way a fish might hide in the sand from a lurking shark. He blends into the ocean floor so well it's almost like he isn't really there at all. He hides his silver stud earring in his jean pocket until he gets to school, and then he puts it on while he is walking to homeroom. He hides his guitar (that he bought by pirating CDs) in my bedroom underneath my bed next to his book called Guitar Chords. He hides his pain when he tells me that his dad told him he was not allowed to major in music in college because "music is not a viable career." Sometimes, I almost think I am in love with Harue, with his courage, the way he sits motionless on the gritty ocean floor waiting for that one perfect moment when he will make his move.

Story by:

Donelle Dreese

submitted at 11:01pm

29 October 2011

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