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The Last Kiss

I saw my lover for the last time today. I wanted it to be special. I drove to a town where no one knows me. I took her to the cinema to see an old rerun of her favourite movie and then out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. I told her to order whatever she wanted and she looked up at me with surprise. I avoided that adoring gaze. I couldnít bear it. That willingness to believe. After dinner I took her for a walk on the beach. It was a clear, cloudless night and the full moon was perfectly reflected on the shifting surface of the sea. Once I was sure we were alone I held her close and kissed her just like Iíve done hundreds of times before. But this time, I savoured it. She was radiant with joy. I thought back to a week before when she delivered the news to me; it seems like a lifetime ago. My heart gave a lurch as the dreaded words fell out of her mouth like three heavy rocks. I am pregnant. When I told her to get rid of it she was appalled. I tried to reason with her but she threatened to ruin me. A man like me canít afford scandals. I never realised how hard it would be to do the deed. How she fought! Iíll never forget the look in her eyes; confusion, horror and then something else more powerful. A desperate desire to live.

Story by:

Diana Anyakwo

submitted at 3:59pm

3 November 2011