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Waiting For the Right Connection

My phone rings every day. Every day I let it ring. They must call me a thousand times a day, leaving frantic messages, wondering where I am.

And I just let it ring.

You'd think I'd be smart enough to unplug the phone, but I don't love myself enough to seek the silence. I have to punish myself. I have to hear it ring again and again until it falls off the hook all by itself.

Nothing happened to make me lock myself in. Nothing of substance, at least.

Things were going well. New job, new wife, new start.

Then something just snapped.

I kicked her out. I stopped going to work.

I stopped everything.

I locked myself inside.

They all try to find out what happened. Friends, co-workers, lovers... my wife. They phone and phone, but no one ever tries knocking on the door.

Maybe if they came to me and knocked, I'd let them in.

Story by:

Caitlin Hoffman

submitted at 4:57am

4 November 2011