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Romney And Sky Blu

Mitt Romney told David Letterman on his late night show that Berry Gordy's grandson, Sky Blu, broke his hair during a recent sky high dustup.

Apparently the G.O.P. candidate, cruising at 30,000 feet on an Air Canada flight, got freaked out because the guy in front of him didn't put his seat back up as the sexy stewardess commanded. He grabbed the guy's shoulder to get his attention.

"He, like, had me in a Vulcan death grip," rapper Sky Blu, grandson of Motown flounder Berry Gordy, publicityized, in an attempt to describe his response.

"Yeah, he smacked me upside the head good," Romney reported. "He broke my hair!"

Mitt, who says he lusts for - no, excuse him, supports Sarah Palin, said the smackdown with Sky, whose real name is Skyler Gordy, was no biggie.

Last good event featuring Mitt was when he stood along side his gorgeous wife and said "never in her wildest dreams" would she have thought he would run for president.

His lovely spouse quickly responded that Mitt was never in her wildest dreams.

Story by:

John Blandly

submitted at 2:20pm

4 November 2011