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Our Therapist Recommended We Both Keep A Journal

Even if I wanted to read what I wrote about you last night to you aloud right now I couldn't, because I was too drunk to keep my pen upright and the only thing legible on those pages is the anger in the slanted scrawl of my handwriting and the words, "fuck" and "I hate you."

I still think it's super sweet of you for asking, nonetheless.

Thanks so much for saying I have a way with words when we both know if that were in the least way true we wouldn't be seeing our marriage counselor three times a week for our issues with trust and communication, your son wouldn't be smearing his shit all over the bathroom stalls at school, and the dog wouldn't have shed half his coat from hiding under our bed when we're screaming in whispers to each other.

Sorry for deviating on the phone earlier.

$600 a week should be fine.

Love you.


Story by:

Alissa M. Fehlbaum

submitted at 5:27am

14 November 2011

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