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Public Transport

'Going somewhere nice?'

'Just along for the ride. I think this one's going to the doctor. I need a change, anyway you know? Feel like I've done all I can here.'

'Me too. They reach saturation point quickly. You have to move on.'


'Maybe we can travel together for a while?'

'Why not? Misery loves company.'

'Well this chap was certainly miserable enough.'

'Mine too! Look out, look out. We're stopping. Here they come.'

'Three of them. You wait and wait and then three come all at once...'

'Okay, on a count of three. One. Two...'

Three healthy passengers got on the bus. Two people sneezed.

Story by:

Oonah V Joslin

submitted at 10:47pm

19 November 2011

Oonah V Joslin's web: