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Kurt Gazed at the sky, which began dividing in front of him and un-peeled itself, forming colossal segments of reality separated by vast tracts of void. Into the chasm of void tumbled everything which was movable and not fixed to anything else - so in this crowded city that meant mainly the people and their machines. Kurt, however, remained rooted to the spot. This wasn't quite what he had expected.

After a few moments, or perhaps millennia, he closed his eyes, and the rips in reality repaired themselves, although the detritus did not return or reappear. He was alone now, and of this he was glad.

Kurt blinked a few times and looked around again, though this time without invoking the Gaze. He lifted his hand, and looked for possibly the millionth time at the old manuscript he was holding.

It told him of the Gaze, and of Three Questions which would eventually bring enlightenment, but he had not grasped how. The manuscript did not say what the Three Questions were, but Kurt had known them all his life, they were exactly the questions which had troubled him since he had begun to reason for himself.

He screamed them again, his lungs nearly bursting:

"What is this place, who are all these people, and what am I doing here?"

The second question was now moot.

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submitted at 5:27pm

30 November 2007