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The alarm woke me early. I lay there for a moment and listened to Lisa's purr like snores. I should have woken her up by kissing her soft lips.

In stead I got up to go to work and ran out of the door 15 minutes later. I got the Financial Times at the news agent down the street and got in a cab. I told the driver to take me to the Stock Exchange. Within moments I was immersed in the news.

Then it turned dark. I looked up, assuming we were in a tunnel. I gasped. One usually doesn't see stars in a tunnel.

"What the hell?"

The driver turned around and smiled at me, "Sleep. You'll back home shortly."

I lost consciousness. When I woke I sat in a grey room, tied to a chair. The taxi driver stood in front of me, reading from a piece of paper, "J43343, the accusation is stealing K53589. I find you guilty. I sentence you to life in solitary confinement." He smiled and licked his lips, "Between now and death I will have the delicious privilege to witness the pain each breath gives you."

I struggled against the ties, "Wait! K53... That's Lisa, my wife! We chose each other!"

He smiled again, "She is in the next cell. Pity. She would have been perfect breeding stock."

He just gave me a mockery of a smile just before he left the room and locked the door behind him.

Story by:

Sylvia van Bruggen

submitted at 1:07pm

5 December 2011

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