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She was arrested in the center of the aisle, listening as the speakers assaulted her with Steppin' Out.

The song brought memories of an old lover, a man long departed, a man who haunted her heart still. She was trapped inside herself, then, remembering life wrapped in his arms, their moments listening to the song and teasing each other about the day when they would be getting old before their time. They swore to each other that they'd not forget to be young, no matter what shackles life might slap on them.

Alas! There is no escaping the ways that time will twist your fate, and here she was now: alone, staring at the single-serving frozen meals, realizing that only the sadness of the song had come true. Around her, shoppers cursed her for blocking the flow of traffic, unable to see her imprisonment.

Story by:

Esme Benet

submitted at 11:18pm

7 December 2011

Esme Benet's web: