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I'll Know It When I See It

Steve's teacher was telling him what Artaud's play meant. He didn't believe her. It all sounded a little too-too, a little so-so, a little I'm-pulling-this-out-of-places-it-would-be-inappropriate-to-discuss. Essentially, he thought she was full of it.

He asked, "Do you think that a play is considered meaningful if the audience gets something from it, or does the author have to intend that interpretation?"

She sided with the author.

"So how do you know what the author intends?"

"Well, with experience a person can learn to understand these things over time."

"So what did Artaud want to achieve when he wrote this play?"

"Oh, Artaud didn't intend anything. He was nuts."

Story by:

Charley Daveler

submitted at 8:05pm

9 December 2011

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