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Harry Potter

Harry: So, Ron, have you and Hermione... you know? Wink, wink, nudge nudge? Know what I mean? You know, has she enchanted your wand? Have you stirred her cauldron? Has she tamed your hippogriff? Has she flown your broom? Have you caught her Golden Snitch? Have you braved her forbidden forest? Entered her chamber of secrets? Drunk from her goblet of fire? Have you heard her Moaning Myrtle? Have you put your Slytherin in her Hufflepuff? Have you put your head in her sorting hat? Have you dipped your wand in her Pensive? Destroyed her Horcrux? Has she given your Dobby a sock? Has she slain your Basilisk? Have you two entered the Shrieking Shack? Have you whomped her willow? Have you taken a ride in the Night Bus? Have you Cornellius'd her Fudge? Does she fear your Dementor? Have you scored on the Quidditch field? Have you introduced her to Hagrid? Have you Muggled her? Have you tapped the brick three times? Have you seen her Patronus? You have, haven't you? Have you studied her Dark arts? Have you...

Ron: [cutting Harry off]...WTF?

Harry: Shagged her?

Ron: Yeah... What about you and Ginny?

[Awkward silence]

Story by:

Jack Black

submitted at 12:53am

16 March 2009