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Who's Afraid?

I admit I have always avoided the place. Don't ask me why, there's no rational reason, just a bad feeling. Maybe it's because it is at the end of the road. The last house in the street facing you across the cement sidewalk. I've been to the end of the road and looked all the way down it, and that house has looked right back at me.

I know who lives there. A little old lady. A little old lady straight out of Damon Runyon, had he ever written little old ladies, which he didn't, but you get the idea. I know because her granddaughter wrote about her for the paper and they printed a picture. A little old lady: all alone.

I looked at that picture and salivated. Then I looked at that house and sweated. I knew I had to do something quick before I died of dehydration. Eventually, I walked up to the front door. I was wearing my best suit, my best smile and my old sneakers.

I was ready for anything, including a quick getaway.

I heard little old lady noises inside and then the door opened and I saw red. Bright red muzzle flash and lots and lots of blood.

"Lethal force was justified, Grandma" said Officer Hogg. "B.B. Woolf, has been terrorising the neighbourhood for sometime. He went after my brothers only just last week. This musta been unpleasant for you, but I guess you know, life in Toon Town ain't no fairytale."

Story by:

John D. Ritchie

submitted at 2:12pm

17 December 2011