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Changing Places

It is amazing how fast a fad can catch on, even one as expensive as Switching. Within days the rich and famous were queuing up to 'Switch'. Everything from memories to personalities, bodies, the works.

But Switching only really took off when the inventors extended the switching time from 24 to 72 hours and hacked into a few databases to get the demographics on a wider population of potential 'Switchees'. From then on it was really just marketing.

'Yeah, this is Marty Kramer. Who are you? Yeah, I heard of it, but listen I'm a motor mechanic I don't have that kinda bread... You're kiddin' me. He wants to swap with me and he'll pay. Sunuffabitch!'

'Sup, Marty.'

'Hold on. Gotta tell my girl.'

It took Marty a few hours to get used to being somebody else. The experience was like being in a film shot by a camera where your eyes should be. For Sharlene, Marty's girlfriend, it was a rather better experience. The man in her bed suddenly had a whole new set of skills.

Then Marty discovered the rich and famous can have big problems. Calibre .45 size to be precise. 'Ya don't pay ya markers, ya get to sleep with the fishes. Dat's Showbiz.'

At that point the small print on page 115 of the 'Switching Contract' became effective. 'You can't swap back to a dead body', and in a heartbeat a famous Hollywood actor became an out-of-work motor mechanic with a drug habit and syphilis.

Story by:

John D. Ritchie

submitted at 4:30pm

17 December 2011