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This Or That

The bright light scarred his eyelids as he finally came around. The snow on the ground reflecting the sun's rays as it sat just above the horizon. It cannot be late afternoon already he thought. Another day wasted, another night he didn't remember from the time he picked up that forty of Vodka.

He searched around for it in his car, then got out to search around it. No luck, but at least he was in his home's drive-way.

Figuring his mother might have taken the bottle, he unsteadily made his way towards the main door.

Door locked? and he tries his keys. Keys don't work? he rings the door bell. Once, twice, three times. Guess no one is home.

He goes back and decides to wait in his car for his family to return. Typical, he thinks. They never care enough to take me along. As he walks around to the car, he notices the yellow piece of paper on the windshield. Ticket?

"Dearest Dan, a request from your family... either sober up and quit drinking or never come home. We love you."

Story by:

N. Naseer

submitted at 10:52pm

18 December 2011