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Shit happens when you play Mario Kart

It was late at night, a vicious storm was raging and worse than all this two young men were finish 7th and 8th in Mario Kart.

That ridiculous Sterotype of the Italian Male was taunting them as well as that asshole Bowser.

All hope was nearly lost, but then they picked up their fathers sword (that was actually a bottle of Gin).

And they drank the GnTs, and hope was restored.


Mario himself got lightning and all hope seemed to be lost for our heroes...But luckily Red Shells were found and fired in the direction of that Mario.

Death found him...and Death devoured him.

The two men were near the end... but suddenly, they mis-timed their turn and fell onto a part of track previously completed on that lap, putting them back in last place...

The two men nearly lost hope for a second time.

The item box shattered over their bodies, and fear gripped them as they waited to know their fate.

The gods were with them this day as a star and lightning were their reward. These two items laid destruction upon the map and the two men powered ahead to the finish line...

Shit happens when you play Mario Kart.

Story by:


submitted at 1:00am

16 March 2009