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Asher watched the ball roll down Vermillion Hill. It bounced against a parked car, ricocheted off Milman's porch, and knocked the flowers off of Mrs. Hayward's wagon.

It tremorred at the stop sign there at L.B.J. and 5th, and for a moment it appeared to lose its purpose. Then it took off like a badger chasing Ole McGinty's cat. That was when the second hand had hit the hour.

There were screaming brakes and firebells as it passed Tolouilie's Corner. There were fireworks as it sped down Willow Lane. As it braved the intersection at Galveston and 9th, there was a crowd of people lined up in a queue.

With its eye upon the finish line, it sprinted for the block. It didn't see the pop-top lying in its path. As it tore along Rhiannon, the metal found its mark, and sank its fangs into the warm skin of the kickball.

Story by:

Chris Fradkin

submitted at 5:59am

23 December 2011