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The Genuis Tiger

In evolutionary terms the tiger was an anomaly, a genius. He shared a motley adornment of orange fire and coal black striped fur with the other tigers, Fanged, carnivorous yet sly in an apostate leadership of higher function. The tiger's abode, his sanctuary was a cozy rock cave hidden by saplings and bramble scrub.

Food, he thought one day, I need food. He had seen and bypassed a myriad of pits designed to capture the large beasts of the jungle. On the sly he had seen his brothers and sisters captured and killed by the coalition of man. Thinking of food and the dark skinned men he layed a trap.

Using his front paws he dug a three foot shallow and filled it with loose twigs and logs. It was designed to ensnare a man's ankle long enough for him to pounce in confident attack.

The man came a week later, seven nights the tiger thought purring gently in expectation. In graceful thanksgiving his stomach grumbled with half-caste expressive anticipation. The precious quarry stumbled and fell face first into the makeshift trap. The tiger growled and leapt killing the man with a single bite. He was quick and effective treading the tether of life and death expertly.

The tiger slept with sated satisfaction, safely confined in the sanctity of his hidden shelter. He thought, I'll never be hungry again as he devised another trap in blissful ecstasies of revolving evolution.

Story by:

Ron Koppelberger

submitted at 10:13am

26 December 2011

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