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Harry Potter - It's gettin' hotter

Harry sighed, as Draco removed his shirt. Their animosity was merely a cover for their everlasting love. Over their years at Hogwarts, they had engaged in secret meetings, in which they would console each other for all the insults they were forced to trade in public, and then engage in a long night of passion. This night was no different. As Harry unzipped his fly, he remembered the day they met at Hogwarts, and after a poor start had realised their inner desires and taken each other inbetween class one day.

Harry had his pants around his ankles. Unfortunately, he had slight issues in the size department, but his training gave him an advantage in this situation. "Arbus Viagrus", he spoke, as he waved his wand. It was time.

They were in love.

Story by:

John Frum

submitted at 1:06am

16 March 2009