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'Hi, darling,' said the thing that looked like my wife. 'I've just made coffee, would you like some?'

You had to give them credit, it was a tremendous feat. Some serious time, money and effort had gone into this. I suppose I should be flattered, really.

But that's assuming this is the prototype. For all I know, there could be hundreds of them out there, living alongside their unsuspecting familiies. Most people don't pay attention the way I do.

'Thank you, darling,' I said, and followed it into the kitchen. I was careful to keep smiling.

It handed me a mug filled with black liquid. I sniffed carefully. It smelled remarkably like coffee. They really were very good at this.

I raised the mug to my mouth, careful not to let the contents actually touch my lips. I wondered what was really inside; some kind of drug, presumably. They had to know I was getting suspicious.

The thing smiled at me. I wondered what was inside that, too; cogs and wires, dirt and clay, green blood and unrecognisable organs?

When it turned around I put the mug down and selected a knife from the drawer. Time to find out.

Story by:

Michelle Ann King

submitted at 4:22pm

20 January 2012

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