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Home Repair

"Mom called. She's going to be late again," Lucy said.

"Big surprise." her dad replied, peeling off his overalls.

"So are you going to make dinner? I've got homework."

"I'm thinking we might just go out."

"What about Mom?"

"Screw her."


"Sorry, but I'm tired of being the bad guy here. It's time you know what's up."

Lucy pulled out a chair, straddling it backwards. "It's a small town, Dad. I was hoping that you didn't know."

Hal put his face between his hands. "The whole damn thing is going south and I don't know what to do about it." Lucy watched his backbone sink between his shoulders. "I thought I could fix it before you found out."

"You can't fix everything, Dad. It's not like her brakes went out. People change."

Story by:

Tony Burnett

submitted at 12:13pm

22 January 2012

Tony Burnett's web:!/profile.php?id=100002610744930